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There are many types of advertisement, but one of the most effective ones is putting the company’s logo on many types of everyday accessories.

It is well known that during a nice meal or while having a cup of coffee people tend to pay attention to surrounding objects and elements of table decoration.

Therefore, Margo Ltd is offering you to show your care to every little detail once again.

Printed logo will make a great corporate accessory of such an everyday object like a napkin.
Your customer and partners will be pleasantly surprised.

We offer:

  • Printing on 2 and 3 ply napkins (wide range of paper colours);
  • Printing any logotype up to 4 colors;

  • Production of 2 main sizes of napkins - 330х330mm and 240х240mm;
  • Professional help of designers to customize the product to your needs;

  • Reliable and fast manufacturing of your order.

Please contact us and we will prepare samples of napkins with your logo.

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